What is Automated Testing (and Why It’s Important for Every UKG Customer)

If you’re a UKG customer, continuous testing will enable your organization to respond to new business needs faster, accept UKG releases and updates more easily, and help your team make changes to your workforce management solution with confidence.

While continuous testing every production release can be tedious and involve a lot of manual work, it’s the only way to ensure that you continue to pay your employees correctly.

Fortunately, test automation software removes the burden of repeated manual testing so your organization can take advantage of automated continuous testing.

What is Automated Testing? 

First, let’s look at the difference between manual testing and automated testing.

With manual testing, you must first document the specific steps required for each test case along with the ‘expected results,’ i.e., what business outcome should be expected if all the steps are followed correctly. Also, you must find or create the data needed to run the test.

Once you’ve set up a test case, a human tester follows the steps and manually compares the results with the ‘expected results.’ Every time a test needs to be run, a human must manually execute the steps and compare the results. This process is slow and error-prone. 

With automated testing, a computer creates all the needed data, executes the steps, and then automatically compares the results against the expected results. This process is repeatable and takes seconds to complete.

Benefits of Automated Testing

By doing automated testing, your business can:

  1. Test significantly faster than manual testing
  2. Go live on UKG Dimensions sooner
  3. Reduce demands on your subject matter experts (SMEs)
  4. Test more frequently and validate every production change
  5. Improve quality and dramatically reduce production errors

In other words, automated testing allows UKG customers to remove the burden of repetitive manual work, test faster and more frequently, and make changes with confidence.

What’s the Catch? Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?

You may be asking yourself – why isn’t everyone doing automated continuous testing? 

Automated testing requires several tools to write tests, store the code, trigger test runs, and report on the results. It takes some effort to make all these tools work together as part of an automation platform.

Consequently, an engineering team not only has to write test automation code but also must constantly maintain a complex UKG specific automation framework that requires:

  • Test automation expertise
  • Deep expertise of the UKG system being tested
  • Maintenance (of the automated tests)

Unfortunately, most customers don’t have the time, resources, expertise, or budget to build and maintain automated testing frameworks for UKG.

Fortunately, TestAssure automations are available ‘out-of-the-box’ so you can start testing from day one. We also build and maintain all automations so they’re always ready for you.

One of the most significant benefits of UKG Dimensions is the ease and flexibility to update pay rules, accruals, and other business logic. With continuous testing, you can quickly respond to changing business needs, reduce the risk of the new changes negatively impacting your organization, and be more confident to deploy those changes to production.   

How TestAssure.ai Enables Automated Continuous Testing

Test Case Library & Pre-Built Automations

TestAssure has a library of pre-built automated test cases specific to UKG that can be quickly and easily configured to meet your unique business needs for continuous testing.  No coding is needed as each test case is already automated through the TestAssure platform. 

Maintains Your Automations for You

Our team consistently maintains your automations for you.  Each piece of code is updated with every UKG release. You no longer need a team of in-house automation experts to achieve test automation. Your team can focus on other business priorities.

Runs Your Automated Test Cases Regularly

We run your test cases every month, so they are always ready for you at the click of a button and can be executed in a few minutes. This allows you to run your tests more frequently and test every production change before it goes live.

Provides Monitoring Alerts and Error Logging

We monitor your monthly test runs and alert you whenever there is a problem. We’ll notify you about any issues and provide detailed error logging so you can see what data was created and which steps are failing.  


Test automation removes the burden of repeated manual testing so your organization can take advantage of automated continuous testing to test faster and more frequently.

You’ll be able to test more quickly and extensively, go live sooner, manage ongoing changes, and accept UKG releases and updates with confidence.

Make changes to your WFM system with confidence!

Download our Definitive Guide to UKG Testing.

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