Test faster, go-live sooner, make changes with confidence.

TestAssure is a comprehensive and modern automated testing platform

The Perfect Paycheck Starts Here.

PayAssure provides everything you need to deliver the perfect paycheck

The Definitive Guide
to Testing

If you're considering or are planning to go-live soon, this guide will help you test faster and go-live sooner.

The Guide to Maintaining
Pay Compliance 24/7

If you're already live, this guide will help you prepare for the 'new normal' and how to maintain ongoing payroll compliance.

Going Live?

You want to go-live quickly while making sure you’re continuing to pay your people correctly, so you must test quickly and extensively. If you don’t do testing correctly, you risk having unhappy employees, negative social media impact, and potential lawsuits.

TestAssure gives you confidence to test quickly and extensively and go-live sooner.

Already Live?

It’s time to focus on maintaining pay compliance.

Ongoing system changes driven by labor law updates, new company policies, mergers, acquisitions and market expansions are necessary and inevitable. But these changes can also create a domino effect that
leads to production errors and real-world consequences.

TestAssure helps you maintain continuous pay compliance so avoid intended pay impacts and keep paying your employees correctly.

Discover the Benefits
of TestAssure

Move faster with confidence and eliminate the need for manual testing. Schedule your demo today to see how TestAssure can help you test faster, go-live sooner, and make changes with confidence.

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