TestAssure Service Level Agreement

TestAssure Platform Monthly Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We are committed to delivering over 99.75% uptime as part of our TestAssure Service Level Agreement.  If TestAssure does not comply with the SLA and the customer has met the Terms of Use, the customer is entitled to a financial credit.

  1. Definitions

Content as described in our Terms and Conditions.

Downtime Minutes is the aggregate number of minutes in a calendar month during which Customer’s TestAssure tenant is confirmed unavailable.

Error means any material problem that adversely interferes with access or Use of the TestAssure Platform (as defined in our Terms and Conditions,) that have not been caused by incorrect Customer use.

Monthly Minutes is calculated as (Days in Calendar month X 1440).

Problem means any problem, inquiry, or request related to any error occurring within the TestAssure Platform.  Problems shall be classified in accordance with the Severity Level classifications set forth in the Problems Resolution Standard.

Unavailability means the Customer’s TestAssure tenant losses external connectivity with the outside world or loss of connectivity of internal networks, persistent disk access, or database.

Unavailability does not mean:

  • Any Unavailability as a result of a Customer VPN and/or Internet service issue.
  • Any Unavailability as a result of inability to properly authenticate their user credentials.
  • Any Unavailability of the UKG solution being tested.

Uptime Percent is calculated as the sum of (Monthly Minutes – Downtime Minutes) / Monthly Minutes multiplied by 100.

  1. Scheduled Maintenance

TestAssure reserves the right to perform routine Scheduled Maintenance on Customer Tenant, thereby making the Service temporarily unavailable, during the window defined in the Scheduled Maintenance Window.

Scheduled Maintenance is excluded from any Downtime Minutes calculations unless the duration of unavailability during the Scheduled Maintenance Window exceeds the Maximum Downtime, at which point all minutes in excess of the Maximum Downtime, where the service remains unavailable, will count towards Downtime Minutes.

Scheduled Maintenance Window as defined in this SLA

Maximum Downtime Window Description
60 minutes Every Tuesday from 15:00 through 21:00 EST. Scheduled Maintenance

Customers will be notified of any changes to the existing maintenance window via a notification in the TestAssure Application with a minimum of 7 days advanced notice.

The updated maintenance window message will contain the following information:

Timeframe in which scheduled maintenance will take place;

Expected duration of schedule maintenance;

Unplanned Maintenance may be necessary when conditions require immediate intervention.  TestAssure will make all reasonable efforts to notify users of Unplanned Maintenance by providing 48hrs advanced notice via a user notification within the application.  Unavailability during Unplanned Maintenance is included in the availability calculation.

  1. Financial Credit for monthly SLA
Monthly Uptime Percentage Monthly Credit Compensation
99.60% < 99.75% 10%
99.50% < 99.60% 15%
< 99.50% 25%


If during the month of October, an Unplanned Maintenance event resulted in the unavailability of the TestAssure Service for 192 combined minutes; the Uptime Percent would be calculated as (31*1440) -192 / (31*1440) * 100 = 99.57% and would be entitled to a 15% credit to their monthly Service Fees.

  1. Request for financial compensation

To be eligible for financial compensation, the customer will have to notify the TestAssure support team (support@testassure.com) within 30 days of the end of the month in which the unavailability of the service (downtime) occurred with the request for financial compensation.

  1. Maximum financial compensation

The maximum number of credits of a financial compensation that is requested by the customer of TestAssure for all periods of downtime that occurred during a single month cannot exceed more than 25% of the total amount billed that month.  In the event of annual billing, it shall be 25% of 1/12th of the total annual bill.  Financial compensation will be made available in the form of TestAssure credits to be applied to the next billing cycle.

SLA does not apply to:

  • Downtime due to factors beyond reasonable control of TestAssure
  • Issues caused by software and/or hardware of the customer, third parties or both. 

Problems Resolution Standard

TestAssure shall accept support requests via email (support@testassure.com) and respond within 60 minutes of initial receipt during normal support hours of Monday to Friday 8am-8pm EST.

Support requests are classified according to the following definitions and SLA’s.

Severity 1 – A “Severity 1 Problem” is a Problem resulting in an Error or other emergency condition that causes TestAssure to cease operating, causing Unavailability or severely impairing normal operations.

If Customer believes they are experiencing a Severity 1 Problem please contact our help desk directly via (866) 275-3996.

For Severity 1 Problems – TestAssure Support will provide hourly updates and all reasonable efforts to provide 24×7 support until resolution or an adequate workaround has been accepted by the Customer.

Severity 2 – A “Severity 2 Problem” is a Problem resulting in an Error or other emergency condition that results in a negative impact to critical functions of the TestAssure Platform, or results in the TestAssure Platform’s inability to access, or process Content but does not meet the criteria for a Severity 1 Problem (defined above).
Severity 3 – A “Severity 3 Problem” is a Problem resulting in an Error or other emergency condition that results in any failure within the TestAssure Platform that inhibits effective utilization of the TestAssure Platform, but do not meet the criteria of a Severity 1 or 2 Problem (defined above).
Severity 4 – A “Severity 4 Problem” is a Problem resulting in an Error or other condition that results in no performance degradation of the TestAssure Platform, during which Content remains fully accessible and unharmed, but requires non-critical, remedial maintenance to the TestAssure Platform, or consists of a reasonable request for modification to the TestAssure Platform.

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